Sealed with a kiss

Friday 29th April- what a fantastic day it was. I never imagined I would get that excited about it or that I would actually shed a tear or two. I have never seen so many smiling people. We arrived at the media tents at 6.30 am and people had already gathered. Some had stayed overnight to secure a spot by Buckingham Palace. With nothing to amuse them at that hour, they decided to turn around and watch us as you can see in one of the photos. Every time we had a live they were cheering in the background which makes great television. When I watched on our monitor Kate Middleton take that step out of the car revealing her amazing dress I noticed everyone around me had huge smiles on their faces, Kate looked incredible, the make-up, the amazing tiara, her veil and that dress. I think she will bring back elegance to the royal wedding.

9 responses to “Sealed with a kiss

  1. what an incredible experience Dena! you had an amazing view!

  2. Hi Dena, I guess that must have been a wonderful experience. And I guess being part of the media with pass no 1740 must have made you a VIP around there. I am kinda proud to know someone from Sky news. :) That however is not the best part of it, the best part is, this lovely lady from Sky news actually knows me!

    Hehe, hope the rest of your weekend is a little more relaxed.

    Take care dear Dena.

  3. So good to hear your version ‘coz it is like a live commentary (sorts!) I thought she looked stunning too!!!

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  4. Angela See, Angela Blog:

    Eppp you are so lucky to be in the centre of it all, I had to watch it all the way here in AUS!

    Thanks for stopping by


  5. I was glued to the TV al day. I loved the atmosphere and how everyone was so into it. Kate did really look stunning!

  6. Lisa:

    Wow, this is something you will never forget!! What a beautiful story!!!

  7. Watching it on TV was lovely but to have been so close must have been amazing! I thought the whole thing was perfect!

  8. Must have been a great experience! I had to watch it on youtube. Absolutely loved Kate in that stunning dress!

  9. Daph:

    you’re so lucky! i can’t even begin to imagine what an awesome experience this was!

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