Valentine’s Day

No matter if you have someone or if you’re alone, if you celebrate Valentine’s Day or if you don’t, just know that  right now, right in this moment, you are loved. 14th February is not just about romantic love but about love in general. Love for our friends and family and of course that special somebody if we have found them. It’s silly that we need a day to mark love but we do and no one can avoid V Day. So if you’re feeling lonely just know that you’re not the only one. There’s millions and millions of people that are feeling exactly the same way today, wishing for it to pass and all those silly heart shaped signs that reminds them that they’re alone, that they haven’t found their match, to be taken down and burned. All I know is that there’s someone for everyone. I’m sure of that. And we must give love to receive love… It’s our duty here in life, our purpose.

I love to know how you’re spending today, how you are feeling and what you are thinking. I’m at work all day and after that we are going to Frontline club where my special someone’s documentary is screening.

15 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Nikolay:

    Heart shaped gifts does not remind us about loneliness, they say they’re waiting for you. They wait, when you find the love and come to buy them for someone! )))

    • Dena:

      Nikolay love your postive view :) and miss you a lot my friend.

  2. Leia:

    I wish I were there to watch the documentary too! MUCH much love to you and B. <3

    • Dena:

      Thanks for always being such a good friend. Can’t wait to have you here with my soon. x

  3. Moviegirl:

    adorable post! very wise and touching. like u r my friend! love u a lot. and cant wait to see u.xoxoxo

  4. Happy Valentines darling Dena x

  5. stunning photo, hope your day was great and that you will be spoiled rotten tonight.
    Take care dear Dena!

  6. Happy V-Day, my dear! Hope your well, and thanks for the sweet thoughts, and words!

    xo from California,

    • Dena:

      @Daisychain, @sexylegsandbody and @Carlina- thank you my lovelies. Hope you had a wonderful day too. x

  7. Lisa:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet Dena! I hope you enjoy this lovely day :) We are celebrating it with hail and snow!!
    Lucky for me, Boyfriend comes in tomorrow and I am excited to spend time with him. Can’t wait to hear about how your day turns out!

    • Dena:

      Hail and snow sounds perfect, hope you stayed in under a blanket ;) x

  8. Malin:

    I was so depressed on Valentines Day. I broke up with my bf 5 months ago and still suffering :( thanks for writing this and making me feel a little better.


    • Dena:

      Oh I’m sorry to hear that :( a broken heart takes a long time to heal…. give it the time it needs. I am thinking of you and wishing you happier moments. x

  9. Anonymous:

    And you Dena, you are very loved.


    • Dena:

      Thanks Anonymous :) who ever you are.

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