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I was a fake tan virgin, that is until at the weekend. I’ve always been put off when I’ve seen girls looking orange, not to mention the smell. After a friend’s recommendation and realising that I’m looking extremely pale I decided to try out the Mystic Tan Booth at heidi klein on Westbourne Grove. You get to choose between 4 shades – I went for a 3 and you also get to add a scent. I really wanted to try out the coconut scent but since they had run out I decided to go natural and see how the tan would smell the next day. As I stepped into the booth I had a flashback to the Friends scene when Ross was getting a fake tan and it went all wrong and he ended with having his front sprayed 4 times. This however did not happen to me, the booth voice gave me clear instructions. I washed the tan off after six hours when I felt it had developed enough and I absolutely loved the streak-free sunkissed glow that I was left with. No one could ever guess that I have a fake tan on- I just look healthy and sunkissed. Also there was very little fake tan smell to the Mystic tan which disappeared after my second shower. I really recommend the Mystic Tan at heidii klein which is currently on a fantastic offer for 50% off throughout February. To make an appointment contact the store at  174 Westbourne Grove, London on 0845 206 2000.

2 responses to “heidi klein – mystic tan

  1. Soraya:

    booked! :) Going for the coconut scent.

  2. Maral:

    Sometime to look into ! I might give this a try just to get an idea how it feels like :)

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