Slowly drifting…

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Lovers, I’m wondering how your hearts are feeling? Are they filled with joy, are they bruised or perhaps healing? The topic love has been on my mind all day, I’ve been thinking of how this beautiful thing called love keeps surprising me. The journey it takes every single one of us on – when its good it’s so very powerful and when it turns bad even more so, ┬áit rips you apart and just when you think you will never love again, when your walls are safe and high, yes just then you find yourself feeling those familiar emotions again. All those emotions you’ve tried to forget.

6 responses to “Slowly drifting…

  1. Josefyna:

    Such a beautiful song Dena and I am so happy to hear that you are loved and feeling love. You certainly deserve it.


  2. Cupcake Fashion:

    sweet post <3

  3. Maral:

    I’m happy for you , but yet somehow it’s been hard for me finding true love in another human being …

    • Dena:

      Love is complicated, often confused with other things. It comes from a mature and awakened place. You have it within you no doubt, it’s there waiting for you. You will find it. That’s life, this journey we are all on. xx

  4. Ellie:

    I love your blog!

    • Dena:

      thank you Ellie x

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