Asymmetric piece

helmut skirt

hel;mut skirt1

I am lusting over these asymmetric draped skirts by Helmut Lang. They come in different colours and I can’t decide whether to go for a plain black or be brave and go for a print. I have promised myself a break from black over the summer, do you think I will manage?

2 responses to “Asymmetric piece

  1. Maral:

    Dena I was in Budapest yesterday and many of the tourists had these skirts on in black ! PLEASE PLEASE don’t buy them in black ! It’s spring time and the second picture is a lot more spring-ee and u can also use it in summer !
    But here is the thing , I have big ankles aka elephant legs or tree trunk legs as some may refer to them so anything blow the knee length will look horrible on me but they go so well with ur beautiful legs ! Buy and pls post picture ! Pls ?

    • Dena:

      I ordered the coloured one :) I am sure you have beautiful legs, it’s all in the head. I’ve seen your amazing figure on instagram. x

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