I’ve missed you!


Happy Monday lovelies! Sorry for the long silence. I finally got my laptop back and you have no idea how much I’ve longed back to this space. How have you been? I’ve had the past three days off and enjoyed every second of them. Last Thursday I ended up at Annabel’s with friends and it turned out to be one of the best nights out in a long time. From my experience those unplanned evenings are always the best ones. The current London weather is just magical. Yesterday I got up 8 am and took long stroll around Holland Park followed by a 10k run at the gym and later lunch with a few friends. It feels so good to be running again after a few months break. It’s hard to explain how I feel when I’m running but it’s one of the biggest highs for me. My competitive nature gets such a rush from taking over everyone else during a running class or a outdoor run. On Friday my beautiful mother arrives to London – can’t wait to have her here with me. Let me know how you’ve been. I need to hear from you as much as you need to hear from me.

4 responses to “I’ve missed you!

  1. Jenny:

    You have been missed! xx

  2. Josefyna:

    Beauty could you do more posts about your fitness regime?

  3. Annie:

    thanks for an awesome blog chica <3

  4. Maral:

    So happy you are also back into running ! Im running a half marathon on Sunday and one in September and a marathon on October ! Nothing stopping this lady here ;)

    Mom is coming here to visit me which is exciting ( probably late in April ) – and 5th year dinner is coming as well where all the students will be attending this fancy dancy evening and I’m clueless about the dress I’ll be wearing :(

    Write more often PLSSSSSSS

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