Only you know what you’ve shared with another


Recently quite a few people I know have either become single or are currently facing rough patches in their relationships. Naturally they’ve turned to their friends for support. On daily basis I’m asked what I think of this or that situation, what is he or she thinking and what does this action or lack of action mean. Did he really love me? Does she even care? And what’s next? I am sure this happens to you too and what do we do as friends? We tell them what we think right? Sometimes other people’s relationships seem crazy to us, we wonder why on earth they’re still in them – we judge. Our friend tells us about a guy she has been dating for a month and wonders why he stopped texting. We go through the whole story and then we judge, we give them our opinion but really, what do we know? A very dear ex of mine once told me: “what we had was ours, only ours. No one can understand it and no one can take it away from us”. It’s so very true, no one else is ever really there besides those two people involved, no one else knows about the exchange of energy, those spoken and unspoken words. No one is ever in anyone else’s head, so stop analysing. No matter how short or how long, your relationships, your memories are yours. No one else can ever tell you what it is or was. And as a friends we can listen but we should know better than to ever judge.┬áToday a very good friend of mine told about his relationship problems then paused for my reaction, except there was none. I told him everything will work out as it’s suppose to. That’s the kind of friend I like to be from now on, because I know better now then to judge.

4 responses to “Only you know what you’ve shared with another

  1. Jenny:

    Great post D and so true. Every relationship is special and belong only to the two people that were in in. No one else is in a place to tell us what it was. I really enjoy your blog :-)


  2. So very true!

  3. Malin:

    So true! I keep asking my friends for their opinion of my love problems but in reality they only give opinion based on their past experiences which are not same as mine. Thank you for your truly beautiful blog my friend.

  4. Josefyna:

    Great Post! x

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