Goodbye Stockholm, Hello London town!

stockholm summer

Lovelies, I am now back in London after 14 magical days spent in the sunny home city. I feel so incredibly recharged and happy, so much that everyone around me are noticing. It beautiful what a little time spent with family and friends can do for us. It’s raining non-stop here in London but hopefully that will change this weekend. I need to feel the sun on my skin, I need to walk barefoot on grass, I need to eat vanilla ice cream while tanning in the park.Summer, sweet summer!

I really miss blogging but the project I mentioned in my previous post is taking up all my time. Like any other start-up it requires every free minute I have. It feels like my little baby and I love it as such. If you are curious about this baby follow us on Instagram: NUITmagazine ;)

4 responses to “Goodbye Stockholm, Hello London town!

  1. Malin:

    So proud of you that words can’t express it. I mean how many people launch their own magazine at this level? You are awesome my friend.

  2. Cupcake Fashion:

    following and waiting impatiently :-)

  3. Josefyna:

    Welcome back Dee! Keep us updated, don’t forget your cheerleaders!


  4. Masha:

    yaaaaaaahhhhhh! amazing Denoushka. You are my shining star.

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