One of those mornings

jersey_istockphoto_m-425x282I wake up to the smell of freshly baked scones. I turn to my side to look out of the window – dark clouds drift aimlessly and there’s a promise of rain. I don’t mind, it’s my excuse to stay in bed for once. My body is aching, it’s the kind of pain I love, It reminds me that I have a strong functioning body. I love the power I have over it – when I train harder, it gets harder. I don’t mind this moody weather because I know sunnier days are ahead. My heart fills with warmth when I imagine early summer mornings in Holland Park, the time I connect with what matters the most – me and nature. I know my way around my treasured park as I know every beautiful line on my mothers face. I could close my eyes and let the trees guide me and believe me they guide me. Life has a way of teaching every single one of us what we need to know. If we are open, if we move with it, then it will work with us. If we resist what is, it will work against us. So I moved with it. Today I’m here. Really here – do you know what I mean? This right here is my life, my precious life and I am making every minute of it count. I am making my dreams come true. I am surrounded by amazing people who feel the same way. I remember a year ago exactly, he stood on my balcony and screamed Thank You. Watching him from the bed, I thought he had lost his mind. Today I stand on my balcony and scream THANK YOU!

6 responses to “One of those mornings

  1. Soraya:

    THANK YOU for this blog, for the kind of girl that you are, for your words, for your recommendations.

    • Dena:

      *blushing* thank YOU Soraya x

  2. Jay:

    He is a lucky man this fella! Thank you for being Dena.

  3. Malin:

    tack för att du finns xxxxx

  4. Jolie Jolie:

    Beautiful text girl, I really enjoy reading your blog. Love from Beirut

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