You’re a sky full of stars, such a heavenly view

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A very close friend of mine left me a voice message this morning. He described last night’s party. At the end of the evening he had watched people leave the party together with their partners, those who were single had gone home with other singles and he – my amazing, my sweet, my awesome friend, walked home alone. His last sentence was: Dena, it sucks to be alone. This message is for him but also for YOU, no matter if you are in a relationship or single. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the miracle that LOVE is, and that we are capable of loving over and over again and the magic of that. 

So do this for me please, PRESS PLAY (even if you’re not a Coldplay fan)! Let the song play and I want you to remember every single time you’ve ever fallen in love…no don’t remember how it ended, don’t remember how it all went wrong, the tear or the pain and that you ended up going your separate ways. I want you to remember the absolute beginning, like a short movie I want you to re-play the opening sequence of all your love stories. Remember the butterflies in your stomach? The way he/she stood outside your door? The first date? The first kiss and the way he/she used to stroke your arms? Did he/she have a nickname for you? Can you recall their voice? Each story, each little movie, different from the other but all equally beautiful. Doesn’t it feel like you’re falling in love right now, falling in love with life? Now imagine this, you felt all that. You loved, your heart broke but you healed. What these stories have left behind are little scars reminding you of just that, that you loved and you will love again. I know it sucks to be alone my friend but let these memories keep you warm until you feel it all over again. I love you x

You’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view

3 responses to “You’re a sky full of stars, such a heavenly view

  1. Sophie:

    thanks for this post as it came in a good time for me personally.

    hugz x

  2. Masha:

    U are completely lovely!!!:)

  3. Josefyna:

    This is so beautiful. I miss your writing so much.

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