Living Without Conflict

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You see, we have made life into a hideous thing, living
Life has become a battle, which is an obvious fact
Constant fight, fight, fight
And we have divorced that living from death
We separate death as something horrible
Something to be frightened about
And we say.. and to us this living which is misery
Is.. we accept, if we didn’t accept this existence as misery
Then life and death are the same movement
Like love, death and living are One
One must totally die to find what love is
And to go into this question of what is death
What lies beyond death?
Whether there is reincarnation, whether there is resurrection
All that becomes rather meaningless if you don’t know how to live
If the human being knows how to live in this world without conflict
Then that has quite a difference

2 responses to “Living Without Conflict

  1. Sophie:

    I miss your updates so much. Are you planning to come back soon?

  2. Maral:

    <3 i cant get enough of his words

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