About Me


I’m glad you made it here and that you found the content of this blog interesting enough for you to want to know a little about the person behind it.

I’m Dena….a Persian Swede lost in the alleys of the British capital of London. I work as a Broadcast Journalist for one of the biggest media corporations. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now, it started out as a project to find out how PR companies collaborate with bloggers but with time it has turned into a private and dear space for my thoughts. I have Persian roots but I was raised in Sweden and consider it my home. I got both my Journalism degrees here in the UK and an exciting job took me to Russia for a couple of years where every day was like a page from a book. I’m back in London now, on Portobello road to be exact – I think of this colourful street as the heart and soul of this capital. The best thing I know is words, these simple words put together into meaningful sentences. Oh how powerful these words are. I was born to love and nothing and no one can kill the hopeless romantic in me. Hearts break but they also heal, leaving scars behind that remind us that we are capable of feeling. I’m a strong believer in creating the life and future I want to live. I’m happiest when I’m moving, be it dancing, going mad on the cross trainer or practising yoga. I am on a constant treasure hunt in the music world, looking for new bands, new sounds. A day without music would be like a day without food or water to me, it’s a necessity. Fashion for me is art you can wear, so I have no understanding for people who brush it aside as a shallow interest. I don’t know any better investment than travel. Would you agree with me when I say that films and books allow us a break from our own realities? So that’s where I go when I need a break.

It’s great having you here and thanks for taking part in my journey. You can always get in touch with me by emailing: editor@beingdena.com